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Saddle Fitting, Saddle Making Courses

Saddlery Trade Courses for Professionals
& HorseOwners

2024 Courses Coming Soon!

Welcome to the North American Saddlery School 


Learn the trade of Saddle & Bridle Fitting; Bridle & Saddle Making and repairs from Qualified Master Saddlers, Bridle Makers and Qualified Saddle & Bridle Fitters.


English Traditional Training in Saddlery Skills, 

Modern Training for Saddlery in the USA

The North American Saddlery School offers training and education to all; 


  • Saddlery & Tack Businesses.

  • Saddlers Makers, Bridle Makers & Saddle or Bridle Fitters wanting to develop new skills.

  • Saddle & Bridle Fitting or Saddle & Bridle Making Apprentices in training.

  • Students wishing to start in the Saddlery Making trade.

  • Students wishing to learn Saddle Fitting trade.

  • Equine Professionals wanting continuing professional development.

  • Horse Owners wanting to learn more about their animals.


There is no need to have prior experience, but a knowledge of horses and saddlery is preferred.

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