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Introduction to Bridle Fitting Course
Venue:    Stoneleigh Equine
                 Clear Spring, MD 
Length:   2 days (Saturday & Sunday)

Subject:  Basics of Bridle Fitting Techniques

Cost:       $900.00 plus tax

Date:       Fall, November 2-3rd, 2024


Bridle Fitting
Fee Includes
  • Tuition
  • Meals:  Breakfast (coffee and bagels), lunch and refreshments throughout the day.  
  • Accommodation is not included and must be arranged by the delegate as well as transportation
Course Objective
This course is designed to give a practical knowledge of the basics of Bridling. It incorporates research and practical knowledge with analysis of strength and pressures on the head and neck. The biomechanical effects of different nosebands on the bit are also discussed.
Theory Covered:
  • Bridle leather - an instruction and comparison.
  • Bridle construction
  • Bridle hardware for all forms of construction
  • Appropriate bridling --  the rules of width, style and size
  • Sizing charts
  • Component parts
  • The head and neck anatomy
  • Poor bridle fit effects
  • Teeth - as they affect bridling and bitting
  • Nosebands, Martingales, and Training Tack
Practical Sessions:
  • Bridle measuring
  • Fitting a Snaffle
  • Fitting a Gag
  • Fitting a Double and Pelham
  • Nosebands and their affects
  • Bitless bridles, their action and fit
  • Martingales and Training aids


This course must be paid in full at time the of registration and is non refundable and non transferrable. Course bookings have two options; book online or download the registration form and return with course to:


North American Saddlery School

11655 Rocky Meadow Rd

Clear Spring, MD 21722 USA



*Please note that deposits and course fees are non refundable, however cancellations will carry over for one year after the date of cancellation and the candidate will have to pay any increase in tuition. Please see the complete policy above.



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