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Horses Inside Out 

Horses Inside Out is an award-winning, internationally recognised organisation founded by Gillian Higgins in 2006.
Its purpose is to give riders, coaches, and therapists, in fact, anyone interested in discovering more about horses, a fascinating insight into equine locomotion, training, management and welfare from an anatomical perspective.

Gillian is an equine anatomist, biomechanist, BHS Senior Coach, professional Sports and Remedial Therapist and author with a first class honours degree in Equine Science and Business Management. She is an engaging knowledgeable presenter.


Gillian has performed extensive dissection studies, photographs and footage from which are included in this course. She has also developed a number of anatomical models including one illustrating the anatomy of the head pertinent to bridle fit and design.

As well as conventional training, Gillian has studied both traditional and holistic Equine Therapies in America, France, Germany and Sweden.


She works with horses from all disciplines and levels from leisure to Olympic, gives lectures, runs courses both nationally and internationally, delivers online courses and webinars  and is committed to giving our equine partners the best possible levels of care and consideration.


She rides regularly, owns two horses and has evented up to advanced level.

Please click the link to shop Horses Inside Out books by Gillian Higgins as recommended reading before classes!

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July 12th, 2023

Live Painted Horse Lecture Demonstration - Spaces Available

Ideal for horse owners, riders, coaches, veterinary students, saddlers and farriers. Perfect for novices or advanced groups.


These applied and interactive day or evening demonstrations explain in a clear, entertaining, memorable way how understanding our horses’ make-up allows us to ride, train and manage them efficiently and effectively. 

With the internal anatomy painted on the outside, Gillian demonstrates exercises to develop a supple, strong, comfortable horse able to maximise the range of movement and perform at his best.


With a rider in a skeleton bodysuit, it is also possible to see the interaction between horse and rider.

July 14th-15th, 2023

Practical Anatomy and Biomechanics Course 
for Saddlery Professionals - Course Full

The course is open to all fully qualified, practising and trainee saddlers, saddle fitters, saddle designers and saddle makers. It will look at the practical aspects of applied biomechanics and anatomical principles of movement related to the horse’s back and head.
It will take an in-depth look at the structure and function and relate it to way of going and saddle and bridle fit.
The course is illustrated with slow-motion video of painted horses showing exactly what is happening under the skin. There will be plenty of discussion and hands-on participation.
The course is a mix of theory and practical observation. It will look at common back problems experienced by horses and provide a great opportunity for discussion with like-minded saddle fitters.
There will also be a number of anatomical models and specimens available to study and we will discuss a range of saddle and bridle styles and designs.


July 17th - 18th, 2023

Assessing Posture and Movement Course -Course Full

This course will give you the necessary skills to systematically assess horse posture and movement. It is ideal for equine therapists, therapy students, coaches, instructors, farriers, and judges wishing to hone their skills and better understand posture, biomechanics and movement.


Through her work as a professional equine therapist assessing the posture of hundreds of horses and as an educator, Gillian has devised a clear system for assessing both equine posture and movement which she will share with you on this course.


Using a mix of theory, observation, practical demonstrations and small group sessions this course will boost your knowledge of this subject. There is also the opportunity to share information and discuss interesting or challenging cases with other practitioners in a relaxed and supportive environment

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