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The North American Saddlery School (NASS) provides training in key skills and techniques to those just starting, as well as those who wish to improve their skills.


Courses are tailored to the needs of the trainees and are total teaching experiences designed to give practical knowledge and theoretical background. Our courses allow students to develop skills for both saddle and bridle making, with short intensive courses completed in modules that can be repeated.  Each course is designed to build on the skills previously learnt on each course with individual instruction.

Our course system is supported by tutorials, mentor-ship and project work which is shared with the instructor for critique and improvement. Skype discussions and presentation is encouraged to help develop skills between courses. The skills combine traditional work by hand with modern techniques using a machine and modern materials, allowing students to experience and learn the trade as it was historically taught, while ensuring that modern techniques are used allowing for the competitiveness of the market today.

Saddle Making Skills & Tools
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