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The North American Saddlery School was founded in 2006 as a response to discussions with riders and saddle fitters seeking unbiased, non-sales based saddlery instruction.  Our Vision is to offer high level research-based saddlery education so equine professionals can be empowered to assist each rider and horse pair to optimally communicate through their tack and reach their potential. 

The system follows closely that of the apprentice schemes used in the United Kingdom. It utilizes their professional tutors in the teaching and practical making of saddles, bridles, repairs, with an emphasis on saddle and bridle fitting. 

The school provides a complete instructional system which give pupils the necessary skills and to attain their Qualifications in the UK if they so wish to go for certification as Master Saddlers, Bridle Makers or Saddle Fitters.


The research and development course leads students through the process of how ideas, materials and design are tested, developed and marketed. 

Master Saddle Fitters
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