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Modern Training for Saddlery in North America


The North American Saddlery School offers training in traditional saddle and bridle making and repairs, as well as education in research-based saddle and bridle fitting. Training offered to:

  • Saddlery businesses.

  • Independent Saddlers & Saddle Fitters wanting to develop skills.

  • Apprentices in training.

  • Students wishing to start in the Saddlery trade.

  • Students wishing to learn Saddle & Bridle Fitting.

  • Others wanting to learn Saddle & Bridle Fitting as part of equine welfare, such as veterinarians or bodyworkers.

There is no need to have prior experience, but a knowledge of horses and saddlery is preferred. All Students MUST have the ability to safely handle themselves around horses. 


Saddle Making
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