North American Saddlery School

Welcome to the North American Saddlery School

Learning for the Saddlery Trade from Qualified Master Saddlers

For the first time in the USA!

English Qualifications in Saddle and Bridle making. City and Guilds levels will be taught in convenient short courses to become a saddler or bridle maker with constant mentoring by Master Saddlers and Bridle Makers. Webinar style recaps to help you work through the practice.

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Annette Gavin
1684 Hendershot Rd.
Warfordsburg, PA 17267
Tel: 717-294-6757

  • Bench Flocking Courses
  • Adjustment and Alteration Course for On-site at Client's Barn
  • City & Guilds Levels in Saddle Making
  • City & Guilds Levels in Bridle Making
  • Research and Development, Short Course in Design & Patterns

We also host the Introduction to Saddle Fitting for the Society of Master Saddlers, in the USA. This course is the beginning step on the road to becoming a Qualified Saddle Fitter under the Society of Master Saddlers multi brand fitting standards. This course is held once a year, mostly in the spring. It is open to any horse professional or retail saddlery persons interested in furthering their knowledge of saddle fitting and saddle fitting mechanics. Please contact us for more information on the SMS and the Intro Course.


The aim of The North American Saddlery School is to offer traditional saddlery and bridlemaking skills training to small saddlery businesses, single saddlers wanting training, and apprentices in training. There is no need to have prior experience, but a knowledge of horses and saddlery is preferred.


The School provides training in key skills and techniques to those just starting or those that wish to develop their skills. Courses are tailored to the needs of the trainees and are intensive teaching experiences designed to give practical knowledge and theoretical background leading to the "City and Guilds National Skill Assessment and Qualification Scheme for the Saddlery Trade"


This is done in modules which can be repeated. Instruction is in small groups-up to eight max, with trainees being required to do some assignments at home as practice. The number of modules taken to attain each level can be flexible, allowing for each trainees experience and speed of progress at the start of training.


These courses are sponsored and supported with tools, trees, and hardware by Abbey UK Ltd for the tools and hardware, and Lariot Trees for the trees supplied.